Finding a reputable foundation repair company

Finding a reputable foundation repair company can seem overwhelming.  However, if the foundation on your house needs to be fixed, then it is critical that you find a qualified service to fix the problem for you.  The following are some basic steps you can take to find a reputable foundation repair Illinois company to fix your problem.

Check with the Foundation Repair Association.  This association imposes strict integrity requirements on its members.  You can go to their website at to check on a company’s membership.

Check out the company at the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against the company as well as its accreditation ratings. There are sometimes problems that do arise, so when it comes to complaints the most important thing to look for is if the company did what it could to resolve the complaint with the customer.

Confirm that the foundation repair company has a valid liability insurance policy.  It should preferably be for $1 million at least in coverage.  If anything unexpected should happen while they are working on your home’s foundation you will want to make sure that the contractor will be able to fully cover any damages.

Also confirm that the company carries Worker’s Compensation.  It helps to protect you as the homeowner, the contractor and any employees of the contractor.   This type of insurance is definitely not cheap so many companies try to go without it.  However, if an employee is injured while they are working on your property and there is no worker’s compensation insurance carried by the contractor, then you can be sued for the employee’s medical expenses.  So it is very important to verify that the foundation repair contractor does carry worker’s compensation.

Make sure that all foundation repairs done by the company come with a transferable, understandable and clearly written warranty.  Make sure that all terms in the contract are verified.  Don’t ever accept verbal promises.  Make sure everything is in writing.

Get a copy of the installation procedures that go with the specific repair method that is being used on your home’s foundation.

Get references.  Ask the foundation repair company for references from past customers. Make sure to follow up with them to ensure they were satisfied with the work that the contractor performed for them.

Take your time in selecting a foundation repair company.  It is very important to do your research first and compare several providers before making your final decision. Make sure the company that you choose has a reputable history and is fully insured and licensed.

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