How to furnish a perfect living room?

There is no perfect living room, as there is no taste better than the other, for each of us has its own ideas about home decor. However, irrespective of personal tastes, there are some basic rules that must be observed in order to get a functional and comfortable space. It is important to have in mind a style to follow and of course the layout of the furniture according to the greatness of the environment we have at home. The living room must have a cozy and quiet atmosphere, between these walls we must feel at home from the first moment. Before opting for a certain style or theme, one should wonder what kind of result we want to reach: what are the activities we like to play in the living room? We want to spend our time in an oasis of intimacy and serenity or in a beautiful space but that does not make us comfortable? The answer is not obvious.

There are many different ways to create a “perfect” lounge. The only fundamental thing is to follow your personality and your lifestyle. First of all, you have to think about how to arrange the furniture and the most massive furniture; secondly, it is important not to underestimate the coatings: if you prefer bright colors, you will need to change color to the walls; If you prefer lighter tones, not just the walls, but also the floors can come to help us. Of course, the ideas for the living room are many, but these aspects will determine the character of your living room for a long time, so it is best to make a weighted decision without being too much affected by the fashion of the moment.

Whether rustic, Scandinavian, minimalist or contemporary, the style of living furnishing depends solely on the character of the residents. For this reason, it is important to analyse well what you prefer and what you cannot bear. Do not forget that it is possible to combine a variety of styles and different themes, trying to come to a compromise between the thousands of furnishing ideas for your stay that day will make you change your mind. For example, a minimalist sofa with contemporary armchairs or a rustic table with Scandinavian-style chairs: there are so many variants you can take to have a living room that makes you feel comfortable and more unique, because it is furnished only according to our tastes.

The important thing is not to exaggerate with the chromatic contrasts, for the rest, give vent to your fantasy!

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