Is Building a Master Suite the Best Idea?

Not every home design has a master suite in mind. Shared bathrooms and limited privacy can make off-time at home full of internal distractions. Below are a few considerations to make in deciding to build a master suite for personal enjoyment and relaxation.

Digesting Average Costs

The National Association of Realtors offers the estimate that a primary 20 by 20-foot master suite costs $125,000 on average as of the time of this writing. The finished project can be much more than that depending on the desired interior finishing touches that are wanted. There are zoning issues, permits, foundation, and structure matching tasks at hand. Depending on the neighborhood, you may not realize this figure back in improvement value.

Are you willing to give up yard space?

Figuring out where to add the master suite will be the next hurdle to clear. Every home has a limited amount of yard in which to add out on the structure. Existing structures like decks and pools can limit the space even more. Take your time and do not rush this part of planning. The addition will be a permanent part of the home when complete. Make sure it is a decision you can live with over the long haul.

Can you build up?

The top of a double car garage or building over another room in the house can be a solution for location if the yard is small. It will eliminate the need to build an additional part of the foundation. Keep in mind that matching your existing frame might be more difficult when building up instead of out.

Find Ways to Utilize Existing Space

Look for areas of the home that are rarely used and consider them for adding the master suite. A finished basement, liveable attic, extra bedroom, and available family room are all good candidates. It is even better if you can figure an existing additional bathroom into the mix. You can save a ton of money by using plumbing that is already in place.

Personal Space Over Dollar Value

If crunching the numbers seems to yield more of a loss than gain, take a moment to consider the personal worth of a private oasis over money value. There are times that price is not a factor in having an area to retreat to and recharge your batteries.

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